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December 2015

Perspective on the Presidential Election – Part II

By | Entrepreneurship

This is the second part of a two-part blog that covers what you should be looking for in your presidential candidates, and who might best suit the needs of entrepreneurs.

Welcome to Part II of my perspective on the 2016 presidential election and how it affects solopreneurs in particular.

Last time, we talked all about the republican candidates and what you should look at when it comes to selecting the choice that offers the most for solopreneurs. You already know that it’s important to cut through the ridiculous dramantics and get to the heart of matters for us. Let the scandals and soundbites backslide and make sure you’re focusing on the issues. It’s very important to not get caught up in media headlines and do you own research! Below are a few more points to consider when looking at presidential hopefuls.

What to Look for in a Democratic Candidate

You’ve already read Part I, right? If not, go do that now! I’m not writing this just to practice my spelling and grammar.

Okay, so everything that’s important for the republican candidates is also important for democratic candidates. Entrepreneurial needs don’t really change depending on the party in question – I mean, we’re going to need the same support and policy reform regardless of whichever side takes home the prize, right? There are some new issues that you need to keep in mind when thinking about democratic candidates, too.

First of all, how do the candidates feel about the shared/gig economy? This question directly impacts the burgeoning community of solopreneurs. If a candidate talks about how much they dislike this kind of self-employment, is that really someone you want in office? We’re considered small businesses too and if candidates are hostile or haven’t even put much thought into their opinions about solopreneurs and the shared/gig economy, they’re probably not someone I personally want to have a lot of control over the industry. Remember, “small businesses” (which seem to all the candidates’ favorite buzz word) make up over 70% of the U.S. economy. That percentage obviously includes solopreneurs.

Second, what’s going on with the federal budget? Over the last couple years, our budget has spread wider than that the waist line of a person that’s enjoyed too bites of Pattie’s Pies. You might not think “Democrat” when someone mentions the federal budget, but you should. Entrepreneurs contribute more in taxes, so our investment in this issue is naturally going to be greater. That means that we need to pay attention when people speak and listen to their plans for growing (or reducing) the federal budget. Where are they going to allocate money, and where are they going to cut?

Pay attention to what the democratic candidates have to say about technology. Do they support the growth and expansion of the technology that could help make starting and maintaining a small business easier than ever? You want a candidate that’s willing to support putting some money behind technology and innovation.

Don’t just take their word for it: newsflash – politicians are allowed to lie. Well, they’re allowed to bend the truth a little… if they see that one issue is pretty important to the voters, you almost bet that every candidate will say exactly what we want to hear. Don’t just accept whatever people say in a debate or interview – because the truth is that a lot of the time, their actions don’t match their words. We gotta find somebody who can walk the walk and talk the talk so whoever you decide to vote for, check out their track record.